iPhone Repairs & iPhone Screen Repair Sydney

Looking for same day iPhone Repairs and iPhone Screen Repair in Sydney? We offer Apple iPhone Repairs Sydney to all models from the typical cracked Front Glass & LCD or ‘bleeding’ screen, non-responsive touch screens, speaker and microphone problems, and damage to the physical home button and casing. We provide all Apple repairs with a quality, professional and cost effective approach even including a 6 month warranty on most iPhone repair types.

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If your Apple iPhone has come into contact with water, drinks, or other liquid, it is very important to not try to turn the unit on. You may find the phone to work for a few hours and then it may totally malfunction with a minimal chance of repair. This is due to the damage to the circuit board with the liquid shorting out the board and causing permanent damage. If you have spilt water on your iPhone or if it has contacted other liquid sources, you should try and bring the phone into us as quick as possible for a suitable repair.

Choose us for your Apple iPhone repairs for;

  • LCD Repairs
  • Same day service
  • iPhone screen repair
  • Water damage and advanced repairs
  • Courier service or post items in – Australia Post
  • Friendly and professional service inc. full service tracking

Typical Repair Process

For most repairs, including iPhone front screen repair and home button service, we can have this completed usually within an hour and offer our full 6 months warranty. For more complex issues we can generally start same day and all quotes are no obligation meaning we will call you once fully assessed and you can decide if you wish to proceed with repairs. If you can’t visit our Sydney repair and service centre, we can arrange a courier service or you can also post items in.

Water Damaged Items

If your Apple iPhone has sustained water damage we recommend to bring it into our Sydney Service Centre. To completely dry the phone we need to fully dismantle and ensure there is no liquid left on the main board. Any residual liquid can quickly corrode the main board and significantly reduce the chance of a successful repair.

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