Guarantee Terms

Please note that whilst Bat Tech provides industry best practice techniques, and has a high level of success and customer satisfaction, customers need to be aware and adhere to the following conditions of trade. Please note that customers are covered under relevant state and federal law. Also we have never refused a valid warranty claim even when just outside of our warranty period, or if the problems aren’t directly related to the original problems.

‘Customer’ refers to the original singular entity only and is strictly related to the entity the service(s) is/are booked under. Where a business arranges a service, the contact person nominated by the business is responsible for accepting these terms and must be authorised on the business’s behalf to accept such terms and all relations to the entity are bound by such terms. Please note that the business (i.e. customer) is thus bound by these conditions as well the nominated person and related parties to the business. A contractor who contracts work to Bat Tech is expected to adequately inform all related parties to the job of these terms and conditions. Bat Tech will only require the initial main contractor to accept these terms for full acceptance by relevant parties. This is to ensure no conflict with other terms of trade in place between other related parties.
‘Bat Tech’ relates to Bat Tech employees, direct contractors, or other related parties that are engaged to perform services under the Bat Tech trading business name. Where another entity performs services to a customer on Bat Tech’s behalf but under their own trading name (i.e. in a subcontractor capacity) any warranty or guarantee between Bat Tech and the customer do not apply. i.e. any terms of trade are between the customer and sub-contractor only.
Customers who require trading terms i.e. 7 days payment on invoices etc. Must read and accept the Terms of Trade Financial.
Bat Tech’s warranty agreement is made between the original customer only, and for only labour provided. The warranty period beings on the date of invoice, not on date of collection or return of equipment, or on the date of completion of work for onsite services, whichever is sooner?
All work completed in the workshop or classed as off site work is covered by a strictly 2 month warranty on labour. The warranty covers all labour provided by Bat Tech where repairs that were completed have not resolved the original problem and strictly adhere to the original problem only. Charges will apply if a problem is found to be otherwise to the original issues or problems presented or for out of warranty repairs and services.
Bat Tech accepts no liability for corruption, loss, or other negative event on data, productivity, systems, devices, or any other direct or in-direct loss that stems from computer malfunctions & failures, networking issues, related errors, or any other adverse events. Data is at all times the responsibility of the customer. At all times Bat Tech is not liable to any loss suffered to a customer either through direct or in direct actions of Bat Tech.
As Bat Tech is providing work on already degraded systems, devices, errors, operational issues, and other such items, there is a chance that further degradation may occur whilst repairs or services are being undertaken. Bat Tech can accept no responsibility for such events and customers must accept that such degradation can occur through no fault of Bat Tech’s actions. Bat Tech is not liable for any degradation to systems, devices, or any related items for service.
All new computers, parts, systems, devices, and any other provided items receive warranty conditions as per the manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty on any such items is thus between the manufacturer and the end user/customer and is such bound by the manufacturer’s terms and conditions. Bat Tech provides no warranty on items provided and supplied unless explicitly stated elsewhere.
On site work is covered by a strictly 14 day warranty and is strictly limited to the original problems presented. Where other problems may present themselves after the original service, these will only be covered if a direct relationship can be established to the original service and is at Bat Tech’s discretion.
These terms are dependent on the items in which the agreement adheres to only being directly or indirectly connected to a power point through a surge arrestor, the computer case or other enclosures not being opened by any other person or entity, the items not sustaining damage through an entities actions whether accidental or deliberate, the items not be subjected to conditions or environments that will aid in fault and/or damage
Bat Tech reserves the right to deny any guarantee/warranty claim that it deems to be unreasonable, abusing the warranty terms, or are deemed detrimental to Bat Tech’s ability to provide it’s services to other clients, or for applicably just reasons.
Bat Tech will act in best faith for the client, however, it is expected the client will take precautions to protect the items guaranteed against damage and/or fault. This includes customers taking full responsibility of their data, operating the system with in appropriate environmental capacities, and avoiding any events that may damage the system.
Bat Tech is not liable at any time for loss of data, productivity, costs, or other negative events brought to a client through services carried out by Bat Tech.

All items provided by Bat Tech remain property of Bat Tech until final payment on the applicable invoice has been made unless provided items sustain damage or fault before final payment in which case they become the client’s responsibility and liability.
Bat Tech may occasionally make changes to these terms. These changes take effect from when customers are serviced after the changes | customers who are serviced before any changes are still covered by the terms that were stated here-in when they were serviced.

Applicable statutory regulations and laws may over-ride terms set here

These terms are set to provide protection for Bat Tech whilst allowing add-on benefits to customers. Bat Tech reserves the right to provide extra services or extension of claims for customers in good faith however such gestures do not void any other terms set here nor set precedence for further claims.
Agreement to these terms for an initial service assumes customer’s agreement to the terms for all future services provided by Bat Tech. Customers must notify Bat Tech in writing if they no longer agree to these terms in which case all services and warranties are cancelled until the customer accepts the terms again. Cancellation of these terms by a customer does not open Bat Tech to liability for work provided and waives all customer’s rights in relation to work provide.

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