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Looking for same day iPad screen repair or other iPad repairs in Sydney? We provide complete services to all models of Apple iPad from the typical cracked screen, non-responsive touch screens, speaker and microphone problems, and damage to the physical button and back casing. All service, support and repairs are completed with a quality, professional and cost effective process with a six month warranty on most service types.

We can begin the repairs same day with an express front screen replacement service that typically takes between 1-2 hours depending on if there is additional damage to the tablet. All Apple iPad models are catered for including the latest Air and Mini with a mail in or courier delivery method available if you can’t make it to our  Sydney Apple iPad Service Centre.

  • Free device checks and no obligation quotes on all Apple devices call (02) 9698-9644

Choose us for your Apple iPad Screen Repairs for;

  • LCD problems
  • iPad screen repairs
  • Software and Sync issues
  • Same day service and support
  • Friendly, professional, and quick service
  • Full job tracking and easy payment methods
  • Advanced iPad repairs including water damage

Typical Repair Process

Generally we will first assess the item and provide our free quick diagnosis. If the only problem is a broken front screen we will perform a quick check to ensure there are no other problems. For most repairs we will being same day and a front screen repair can take anywhere from 1-2 hours depending on the state of  the ipad. If the problem is of a more complex nature we will assess and advise you fully of all costs before completing repairs will quotes being of no obligation. After repairs we provide 6 months warranty on all parts and labour provided. If you can’t come to our service centre we can also provide courier service or you can post the item in through registered post and we can advise once received.

Important Water Damaged Item Info

If your Apple iPad has come into contact with water or other liquid, you should power the unit off as quickly as possible and if possible place in a bag of rice to draw out moisture. If the iPad works and seems to be fine keep in mind damage to the circuit board may eventuate later and short out the board possibly causing permanent damage so it is generally best to get to us as quick as possible. We have developed our own special cleaning and liquid damage repair process and even if we can’t restore the tablet to it’s full functioning state, can assist with further data recovery if required.

You can come into our Sydney Apple iPad service centre or contact us on (02) 9698-9644 and let us know how can help you today.

iPad Repairs Sydney

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