What is Bat Tech’s mission statement?

To provide complete IT solutions with effective, cost efficient, quality driven repair and support processes.

Why should I have you service my computer, laptop, notebook or server?

We have a proven consistent track record for on time, on budget, efficient repairs. Our prices are competitive and we are always happy to assist customers beyond just the repair. Our knowledge and expertise are highly trusted by our large customer database and the word of mouth referral rate is very generous; a good yardstick for any trusted, reputable company.

What is your typical repair process?

Generally we will have a look at the system when you bring it and provide a free evaluation and for certain repair types offer same day servicing. We will do our best to give you an estimate price or a standing quote depending on the repair complexity. If you are happy we will then go ahead and attempt repairs usually taking between 1-3 days. If we need parts or it is a very complex service this may be a little longer. Alternatively we can provide an onsite computer repair technician for you.

Why can’t you always offer a standing fixed quote on all jobs?

Like a mechanic or electrician, we do not know all the variables of a service until we work on the system and have completed the repairs. Generally we provide a cap on most repairs and advise what the maximum is likely to be and will contact customers if above this. Note that on 99% of our jobs the customer’s expectation of final cost and the final cost are the same. There are many service types where we do give standing fixed quotes.

Are there any minimum fees?

We offer FREE quick service checks, however any service booked in for advanced diagnostics and repairs have a minimum $65 service fee. This comes off the final price if successful repairs are undertaken.

Do you have warranty?

Yes we offer 6 months warranty on all repairs. Our T & Cs page has more details on this. How good is our warranty service? FACT – We have never refused a genuine warranty claim (EVER) even where a warranty claim is not quite related to original problem we tend to err on the customers side.

What support do you offer after repairs?

We offer FREE 1 month phone and remote support (T&Cs apply). Where possible we will try to resolve any issues you have without needing you to return the system to us. We use advanced remote management tools and if you wish we can install these tools for effective resolution.

What are your payment types, location, and opening times?

We have typical payment methods plus EFTPOS facilities for all major cards. We are located at Level 11, 66 Clarence Street, Sydney NSW 2000.

What services do you offer?

Complete repairs to all computer, laptop, and server brands and models. Typical repair services including data recovery, virus spyware removal, boot problems, LCD screen replacements and more. Onsite computer repairs and support including ongoing maintenance. New computer, laptop, server and IT equipment sales including lease arrangements. We can also arrange courier door to door services and can return items via Australia Post if desired.

Can anyone use your services?

Yes we are available to all home, business, corporate, and government concerns. For security reasons after hours onsite and office support is not always available to all customers and is generally limited to businesses with a valid ABN and physical trading address.