IT Security Management

With the continued growth of the digital age, IT security prevention and practice has become a much talked up on topic. Almost every day in the papers and online is some talk about a security breach, new technology, and other Internet threats to be careful of. Our IT security department can discuss, plan, and implement, a complete IT security solution or even just advise on software and threats that may exist on your network.

Our network IT security consultants can assess your current network and IT resources and advise of any current or perceived threats and also any compliance issues that may exist. We can provide complete reports of our findings as well as a full layout to resolve the issues and why they would affect your business negatively. Choose us to help with;

Choose Bat Tech for your IT Security Management for;

  • Compliance checks
  • Security audits and action plans
  • Network protection and layered protection
  • Monitoring of critical systems and reporting
  • Potential threat scanning and prevention protocols
  • Complete Managed Security platform with 24/7 reports
  • BYO device standard operating procedure implementation
  • Website and external resource assessments and action plans
  • Data access and security including adequate disaster management policies

For businesses that accept, and store, customer credit and personal data, we can also provide a full compliance test, and discussion about current processes and where there are any lapses. We can also implement stronger security processes and any industry specific solutions to suit your needs after performing required security audits and monitoring.

We also provide a full IT Security Managed platform which reports, monitors, and can take instant threat removal actions 24/7 from 1 device to over a million. This can also provide complete system health threat archives, and a complete report of your entire IT infrastructure.

Contact our IT consultants and technicians on (02) 9698-9644 or see our full location, opening times, and contact details on our Contacts Page. Also ask about our FREE it consultation and find out how we can help you today.

Bat Tech is now operating in limited capacity due to COVID-19, we will be accepting laptop, Data Recovery and Mobile drop-offs & pickups from our reception as well as mail in and return options. Due to the economic impact of COVID-19 we may experience some supply chain delay issues and we ask customers to be patient about their repair times.

Bat Tech hopes to get through this trying time and stay in business and we hope everyone stays safe and healthy.

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