TPG Super Fast Internet Unlimited 400Mbps

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TPG Super Fast Internet Unlimited 400Mbps

Another year went by with a huge success on TPG business broadband products particularly our business EFM and Fibre Optic Broadband products. This year, we have one big thing for you and many Australian businesses in the CBD. That is our brand new Fibre400 product (in collaboration with our AAPT division, now part of TPG)!

As you know, our 100M fibre product has been in the market for almost 5 years now and still going strong but we have got increasing demand for a higher speed product at affordable prices. Now the wait is finally over. We are taking a drastic step by skipping 150M, 200M and even 300M, now you can have a mind blowing and lightning fast speed of 400M!

“Wow, that is great but will it cost me an arm or a leg???” Absolutely not! You can have our new fibre400 product for as little as $399+GST a month. That is not it. Other than our popular unlimited data, you will get 24×7 business support (worth $50/$100 a month) and a 99.95% uptime SLA as part of the package.