Free Courier Service

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Free Courier Service

Just reminding customers we offer free courier service. Just note this is for approved addresses and jobs only, so just give us a call today 02 9698 9644 to see if you qualify or email

Our couriers operate between 9-5 and generally will only be able to provide a delivery window for your iPhone, iPad, PC or Mac repair. Also please note that we have no control over the specific couriers so repair time will vary depending up on what time we receive your items.

We will always contact you before beginning any chargeable work, so will generally provide a quote once the item is received and you can choose from there. Please note the courier is a one way service, unless you go ahead with repairs. If you decide to not go ahead, you will need to arrange collection of items, or pay the courier fee (which isn’t usually too much) for return. For successful repairs we offer two way free service.

If unsure about your device, give out IT technicians a call on  02 9698 9644 or email and we can advise of possible costs and turn around time so you can decide if you want to send your devices here; we are always here to help you.